A wish of western men to get a Ukrainian girl as a wife is justified – she’s beautiful, quite modest, yielding, and she’s a good lover and housewife. That’s why a demand for brides from Ukraine is increasing annually, and photo catalogues of Ukrainian dating agencies are refilled with new girls, as a rule from provincial cities, such as Mariupol.

The main factor for girls’ from Mariupol decision to register their profile in the international dating service is a hope to change their life for better, not to live from one pay to another, look with envy at expensive clothes and rest, be unsure in tomorrow, not get money they earned having higher education and a prestigious profession.

In Mariupol work more than 10 dating agencies that promise to arrange a personal life of lonely girls, and in their databases there are more than 5.000 brides. All services for girls are free, fee for participation of men makes the basic income of such dating sites.

In Mariupol there are also branches of big dating agencies that work all over Ukraine. It’s much more comfortable to use services of such dating services as a search for a Ukrainian wife isn’t limited by Mariupol only, and it lets widen the search geography considerably.

Many people heard and know natural beauty of Slavic women. We offer you to make sure in this once again having a look at our ‘the most beautiful’ photo-survey of popular and famous Ukrainian beauties.

Photos of Ukrainian girls on sites of dating agencies look so strikingly that one can’t help but wondering if they are real. Why do lonely women pay so much attention at their photos?

Marriage agencies:

1."Magnoliya GOLD"
Mariupol, Engelsa str 26/2

Mariupol, Engelsa sr 60
+(067) 501-57-24; +380 629 41-08-35

Mariupol Ukraine, Teatralnaya sq 63/2

4.Marriage agency "Hanuma"
Nikolaevskaya str 48
+(0629)53-32-68 ; +(0629)47-52-51

5. Dating service "Viardo"
pr Ilicha 31, Mariupol, Ukraine

6. Speed Dating agency "8 min"
Dorozhnaya str 118, Mariupol, Ukraine
+38(067)337-35-14 ; +38(095)308-70-83

7. "Ukrlady"
Mariupol, pr Pobedy 99
+(098)315-28-98; +380 629 58-28-74

8. "Amely" marriage agency
Mariupol, Apatova str 136

9. dating club "Garmony"
Mariupol, Semenishina str 50,

10. Internationale marriage agency "Mira"
Lenina str 9/22
+38(0629)34-67-35 ; +38 (096)308-79-74